Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a transformative technology that immerses users in a simulated, computer-generated environment. By wearing specialized VR headsets, individuals are transported to an alternate reality where they can interact with three-dimensional spaces and objects. VR creates a sensory-rich experience, engaging sight, sound, and sometimes touch, to generate a convincing illusion of being present in a different world. This innovative technology has applications across various fields, from gaming and entertainment to education, healthcare, and business, offering a powerful and immersive way for users to explore, learn, and interact with digital environments.

Common VR Application Types

Educational & Informative Apps

Educational and informative applications have gained substantial popularity within the realm of Virtual Reality (VR). From captivating virtual tours that transport users to historical landmarks and distant places to job training programs that offer immersive, hands-on experiences, VR has become a powerful tool in the educational landscape. Simulations designed for various fields provide learners with realistic scenarios, allowing them to hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment. The versatility of VR technology enhances the learning experience, making education not only engaging but also deeply impactful across diverse domains.

Virtual Earth Tour

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Office Fire

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Elevating the Virtual Reality (VR) experience to new heights involves the integration of physical real-world props, encompassing tools, equipment, weaponry, and various physical objects within a defined volume. This advanced approach blurs the line between the virtual and physical realms, offering users a more immersive and interactive encounter. By incorporating tangible elements into the virtual space, VR takes on a dynamic dimension, creating a multisensory experience that goes beyond visual and auditory stimuli. This integration opens up possibilities for diverse applications, from realistic training scenarios to enhanced gaming environments, providing users with a groundbreaking and truly immersive virtual adventure.
The development of this demo was undertaken with the explicit purpose of showcasing our adeptness in seamlessly integrating a diverse array of weapons into the Virtual Reality (VR) environment. The electronic airsoft guns used for the pistol and AR, alongside the genuine pump shotgun, were meticulously engineered to sync in VR. This includes a successful implementation of Vive Trackers mounted on the weapons that allowed for matching the physical weapons in the VR experience, trigger activations, and reloading actions from the player. This integration enhances the overall immersive experience, providing users with a heightened sense of realism and interaction within the VR framework.


Virtual Reality (VR) has become a ubiquitous presence in the entertainment industry, serving as a transformative medium for gaming, concerts, and sports experiences. From immersive gaming environments that transport players to fantastical realms to virtual concerts that bring the stage to life in the comfort of one’s home, and sports simulations that provide an unparalleled sense of participation, VR has redefined the way we engage with and experience entertainment across various platforms. Its ability to create lifelike and interactive environments continues to captivate audiences, offering a new dimension to the world of entertainment.

Collaborating with the producer of the TV show “Let’s Make a Deal,” we transformed one of their show’s games, Car Pong, into an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience. Employing a stereoscopic camera, we captured the live audience, seamlessly integrating their presence into the VR environment. In Car Pong, users engage in a challenge where they answer trivia questions; their score determines the time allotted to skillfully shoot balls into cups. Following the exhilarating gameplay, scores are recorded, and a global leaderboard is unveiled, allowing participants to gauge their standing against others worldwide.